Saturday, 5 February 2011

Life Tips

I've been rattling my brain trying to think of something I can update casually, know about and would like to impart to my fellow man.

So last night, I was out with friends at a bar, when suddenly this rather attractive female starts talking to me. I'm in a relationship, so I stayed friendly and not too flirty, but, and I'm not overstating this. It made her flirt more.

Eventually she asked if I wanted to come sit with her and a girl friend of hers... To which I politely declined and pointed out my girl who was sitting behind me.

To this she replied "Damn, I finally find a guy who doesn't have to compliment me in every way to get on my good side."

Lesson 1!? : Being a nice guy get's you attractive girls. Even when you're talking about menial things like the 10 different shots I'm carrying!

P.S. there IS A HUGE difference between being a nice guy, being socially awkward and being TOO nice, Learn it.


  1. A combination of socially awkward and nice can work too, if you can pull it off without looking like a creep.

  2. Yeah! All you have to do is learn how to balance shit out.

  3. Yeah, agreed.. But i adapt to whatever target I have ^^

  4. I'd imagine that a balance is okay, if the girl you're going afters soft spot is a guys weakness in socialising or is socially awkward too, so yeah, Good point!

    And target?! Nice man, but I may alert the FBI to that sentence.

    Thanks for the comments guys.