Wednesday, 9 February 2011

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So I guess a second tip or fact or experience is in order by now?

Moving swiftly from relationships as my own has been crumbling around me the last few days:
TV (Well, really it's about a specific human condition )

Maaaaaan am I addicted to TV, HIMYM, Chuck, Dexter, House, Royal Pains, Fringe, Human Target?
Can't get enough of them, and I was telling this to a friend and I got the friendly response of "Chuck? House? Fringe? Man you're a f***ing loser!"
Wowwwwww... My taste in shows is not fitting, and I thought, Well why? People have different tastes, which is great! But being able to condemn someone elses because you don't agree! Messed up.

And it's not just TV shows. The same happens with clothes, music, basically everything that there is more than one brand or genre of.

I realised (No Blogger, it's realiSed.) at that point, my friend is a close-minded and a really unwelcoming guy, not good qualities.

I asked him to back up his theory? His reply? "Those shows are just shit man."

The point is, people are different, SO different, and while you might not be able to wrap your head around their preferences. The worst thing you can do is call them out on it. You'll come across pretentious. So if any of you (Yes all 18 of you) are like that, to ANYONE, then I'm just sayin, it ain't smart or funny and it doesn't make them less of a person than you.

Unless they're like, an In-Your-Face-I'm-Different kinda person, in which class call them mainstream and they'll probably cry!

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